**Agila (Computer Science Development Server)**, University of the Philippines Manila

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====== Agila (Computer Science Development Server) ====== **Agila** hosts the Computer Science research and development projects of the [[http://www.upm.edu.ph|University of the Philippines Manila]]. Agila is powered by [[http://www.ubuntu.com|Ubuntu]] Linux 10.04. ===== Servers in Agila ===== ==== Web Servers ==== * Apache * Apache Tomcat ==== Database Servers ==== * MySQL * PostgreSQL ===== Relevant Agila Pages ===== * [[http://agila.upm.edu.ph/phpmyadmin|PHPMyAdmin]] * [[http://agila.upm.edu.ph/phppgadmin|PHPPgAdmin]]


* [[:start|Agila Info]] * [[:request-account|Account Request]] * [[:remote login to agila|Remote Login]] * [[:Apache Tomcat|Apache Tomcat]]